Optimal infant and young child feeding (IYCF) ensures young children the best possible way to start life. Breast‐feeding is undoubtedly nature’s way of nurturing the child and creates bond between the mother and the child.

Child malnutrition, however, is a huge public health problem in Somalia, negatively affecting the growth, development and survival of young children. Many Somali children under the age of five have been affected by long term chronic and acute malnutrition and micro-nutrients deficiency.

Malnutrition has also put many young Somali children at a great risk of death from pneumonia.

To address the situation, Star Media Development Centre (SMDC) worked with Population Services International (PSI) to use media to promote and support IYCF activities.  SMDC carried out a media campaign, using radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs), to promote IYCF messages in Somalia.

In addition to breastfeeding, the campaign also focused on complementary feeding, feeding during illnesses, water, hygiene, sanitation and maternal nutrition.

The objective of this media campaign was to increase caregivers’ exposure to the necessary information and thus increase their knowledge of optimum infant and young child feeding practices.