Star Media Development Center (SMDC) is a regional communication for development organization.We use innovative methodologies to engage the media and other key stakeholders to ensure that the development agenda is shaped and driven by the most affected members of Eastern Africa’s communities.

Services We Offer

Research: Design and conduct research studies to generate information for multi-purpose media uses

Media Relations: We at SMDC boast of a stable of experts in media operations. We have with time cultivated mutual and productive relationships with the media. Besides, we advise organizations on what aspects of information interests the media.

Documentary & Photography: SMDC has invested in professional video production equipment and personnel. We produce documentaries on institutions, products, individuals, and projects.

Digital & Social Media Strategy: SMDC helps clients develop social media strategies that combine analytics, content, influence and advocacy. Our digital and social media experts provide customized solutions that enable clients to identify and engage key stakeholders through the most opportune and powerful paid and non-paid digital channels.

Consulting: Advisory and training in media for the dissemination of information to a particular audience.

Capacity building: SMDC believes that building local capacity wherever it works is the foundation of effective and sustainable development. It uses a performance-oriented human and institutional capacity building process that is tailored to each group of participants, and responds to the needs and priorities of a particular group(s)

Production and dissemination of media content: Creative, informative and entertaining media outputs are at the core of our media services and production. Wherever possible, we work in partnership with local media houses to produce a wide range of media content.

Training in Media:  SMDC conducts media trainings in various media professions and techniques to improve journalistic capacity of journalists and media staff

Policy and System Development: SMDC is endowed with media professionals and associate consultants with necessary techniques and profession to establish media policies and systems for media houses both in Radio and TVs.

Community mobilization and interpersonal communication

Outreach activities form a key part of our inclusive communication approach. We provide audio-visual and print materials for use by community groups or outreach workers and work with local community organizations to convene discussion groups, road shows, street theatre and community events.

Broadcast Solutions: We are active in the design, installation and maintenance of TV and FM Radio stations.