The Somalia Stabilization Initiative (SSI) is working in Jubbaland State and South West State to help extend the presence of effective state authority in the regions and strengthen reconciliation initiatives.

Working with SSI,  Star Media Development Centre (SMDC) conducted an interactive theater in Warmahan, Wanlaweyn and Tixsiile in Somalia’s southern Lower Shabelle region  to help community members meet and share ideas irrespective of one’s economic, social, and political status in the society.

The theater was part of SSI’s efforts to support the office of the Lower Shabelle governor and the three communities to discuss common concerns in a creative way, and to also provide a platform for community and government interaction.

SMDC conducted a comprehensive interactive theater for the three communities through the use of radio drama, community interactive theater, PSAs, and radio Vox Pops.

SMDC conducted a two-day interactive theater in each of the three towns; Warmahan, Tixsiile, and Wanlaweyn (a total of 6 days) so as to create an interactive space to discuss common issues and concerns. The interactive theater included; public performances in a concert style format inclusive of plays, dramas, songs, poems, music etc.

SMDC also produced and disseminated five radio dramas from the interactive theater, five radio Vox Pops and five Public Service Announcements (PSAs) with participants drawn from youth, women, and regional and local administration officials.

We involved key local influential people to carry our message during the interactive theater and when producing the VOX POP and PSA to increase the number of people coming to the theater as well as the listener-ship.

Photo by Mustafa Ali