A stakeholder forum on the role of Somali citizens and government in promoting good governance has taken place in Kismayo, the capital of Somalia’s southern Jubbaland State.

The forum, organised on the theme ‘Role of Somali Citizens and Government in Good Governance’, brought together relevant stakeholders from the Jubbaland State government, regional parliament, representatives from youth and women groups as well local civil society organisations and religious leaders.

The forum was organised by the Jubbaland State government with support from the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF), a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure and stable Somalia.

By hosting the meeting, the Jubbaland State government said it hoped that the one-day consultation facility will help promote and improve good governance, accountability and transparency in both Jubbaland and Somalia as a whole.

The event, which featured a number of high-level speakers from Jubbaland State ministries, parliament, and civil society organisations, was televised on Star Television Network (STN).

During his remarks, Jubbaland Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Adam Ibrahim Aw-Hirsi noted that Somalia’s progress towards stability and development depended largely on good governance.

He said: “Good governance is about strengthening the relationship between the government and the citizens. It is also about maintaining law and order as well the existence of mutual respect and trust between the citizens and the government.”

In In particular, Mr. Aw-Hirsi emphasised the critical role of civic education in promoting good governance in Jubbaland and rest of Somalia.

“I believe civic education can play a critical role in informing Somali citizens about the government work and policies,” he said.

Speaking at the event, Jubbaland Member of Parliament Mohamed Mohamud Farah encouraged mainstream Somali media to hold and facilitate more such public dialogue on good governance in the country.

“I would like to ask TV stations in Jubbaland to facilitate forums such as this and not just wait for the government,” he said.

Kismayo-based lawyer and activist Abdullahi Abdiqadir Adan said civil society organisations and political parties were key players in fostering and nurturing good governance in Somalia.

A special segment of the programme included participants sharing their points of view and questions about the theme.