EAI: Somali Voices Radio Project

Somalia Voices- is aimed at increasing the resilience of Somali-speaking communities focusing on somali populations in Nairobi, Wajir and Garissa counties in the Northeast of Kenya, the program builds the capacities of key local influencers including youth, elders, religious leaders, and women leaders to build community resilience to violent extremist..

Through financial support from Equal Access International, SMDC produces a weekly radio show TALODOON means seeking a solution to a problem by exploring or questioning. The program creates powerful alternative narratives and pathways for young people and vulnerable communities.


Internews: Refugee Voices Project

Refugee Voices Project is a humanitarian two-way communication that strengthen health and protection in Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camps and Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement. The project targeted refugees residing and arriving in these locations and have a specific focus on refugee women, who are among the most vulnerable to sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), maternal and neonatal health issues, and illnesses.

SMDC in partnership with INTERNEWS Produced and aired on Star FM a radio magazine weekly one-hour live talk show on women’s rights, health and protection: BILAN – a name that symbolizes ‘decency’ in the Somali language and a traditional name that most women carry.

The project’s goal is to strengthen health and protection for refugees in Dadaab, Kakuma and Kalobeyei, Kenya by increasing the quantity and quality of trusted, timely, inclusive and engaging life-saving information.

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SSF Holds Investee Workshop

This week, Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) brought together its partners to share their experiences, celebrate successes and challenges. By bringing together this inspiring group in its investee workshop, SSF continues to promote peace and stability in Somalia.

SSF supports the development of a peaceful, stable and secure Somalia. It is designed to support enhanced government legitimacy and reduced political and communal conflict through the Fund’s work on increasing government visibility and community engagement; enhancing popular participation in governance particularly for women and marginalised groups; and addressing structural drivers of conflict and instability at the political and communal level.

Partners presented their projects including, but not limited to economic development an livelihoods, employment skills, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, governance, gender, conflict resolution, among others.

Since its establishment, SSF made 78 investments in 58 districts, impacting over 1m people.


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Somalia: Puntland’s president launches new police station, other projects in Burtinle

The president of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland on Saturday inaugurated a new police station in Burtinle town in the country’s Nugal region.

The construction of the police station was funded by Somalia Stability Fund, a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure and stable Somalia.

The new police station is expected to help the Puntland government improve public services as well as support peace and stability in the state.

The new facility will also ensure that police forces in the district have access to a decent and conducive working environment.

Speaking at the event, Puntland President Saed Abdullahi Deni said: “It is a great honour to be here with you today in Burtinle, the backbone of our state. I am really pleased with the progress this town has made. This progress was achieved through the joint efforts of the public and the district administration

“I would like thank Burtinle residents and the people of Puntland… for their hard work in helping this and other towns move forward.”

President Deni also launched a number of other development projects in Burtinle, including a new link road and office blocks for use by the district administration.

Burtinle is one of the fastest-growing towns in Somalia’s Puntland region.






Population Services International (PSI): Public Awareness on IYCF and Pneumonia Through Radio

Many Somali children under the age of five have been affected by long term chronic and acute malnutrition and micro-nutrients deficiency.

To address the situation, Star Media Development Centre (SMDC) worked with Population Services International (PSI) to use media to promote and support IYCF activities.

The objective of this media campaign was to increase caregivers’ exposure to the necessary information and thus increase their knowledge of optimum infant and young child feeding practices.



Mercy-USA: WASH and Nutrition support for vulnerable Somalis

In order to promote hygiene and raise awareness about good hygiene habits such as washing hands, using a toilet for defecation and adopting safe drinking water practices, SMDC, with the financial support of Mercy-USA, worked on a campaign that led to development and broadcasting of  radio programs and advocacy messages in the Somali language.

The campaign’s aim was to change the age-old habits and practices and raise awareness about the necessary behavior changes to be made through communication, reaching millions of Somalis with simple health messages.



Main Stories

Somalia: Barawe’s new modern airport to open soon

The construction of Barawe Airport in South West State of Somalia (SWS) is wrapping up and the facility is set to be opened soon.

The airport was launched by the SWS regional government with the technical and financial support of the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF).

It will serve the entire south west region and other Somali regions.

Finishing touches are being done.  A road linking the airport to the town has also been constructed.

The project is part of the Somali government’s strategic plan to build and rehabilitate critical infrastructure as the nation moves towards stability.

Barawe is the designated administrative capital of South West State.

The government says the airport will speed up the country’s recovery and is a sign of a bright future.