Star Media Development Centre (SMDC) is non-profit media development organization that operates in Kenya and Somalia.

SMDC mission is to ensure people everywhere have the best lives and achieve their fullest potential by giving access to information via the media and innovation.  SMDC provides training, researches and capacity buildings to local authorities and civil societies in supporting good governance within the local authorities and community initiatives and advocacy protection for all to create positive environment.

For the past 10 years SMDC has successfully supported media development in Kenya and Somalia. SMDC has skilled and experienced professionals staff. Since its inception, and has implemented several projects with different financiers geared towards attaining specific objectives

Vision: To be a leading media and innovation organization.

Core Values: Human Dignity, Respect for life and human rights, value of life and justice for all.

Accountability and Transparency: This means being responsible, being honest, trustworthy, openness, being realistic and clarity in communication.

Equity and Equality: Fair distribution of resources, fair judgment, inclusion of the interest groups, respecting others views/opinions and being non discriminative.

Non discriminative, good reputation, fair distribution of resources, opportunities and privileges and fair judgment.

Our solutions are supported by our deep insight into various organizations and our extensive experience acquired over the years by supporting our clients. We offer media consultancy and strategic communications that address the unique challenges and needs of our clients.